So naked.

3 February
Im a visual artist, vampire enthusiast, and complete outcast. Im lazy and energetic, a stubborn hypocrite, a leader, a follower, your wetdream and your worst nightmare. I can promise you all only one thing... I will never be the same as the day before.
And I'm prefect just how I am.

I dont like to put up with anyones bullshit if its not gona get me anywhere, so dont bother arguing with me. Ill just stop talking to you. I should mention though that im a hypocrite, so dont be surprised if i go back on that 10-fold.

I am a taken girl, with the best man imaginable. His name is Ryan and he is my life. And yes, he can kick your ass.

I can't spell. Don't judge me.

I am a chameleon... I like to change my look as often as possible. I go from punky to classic, to girly, to sproty, to funky and hippiechik and back again all in one week. Call me a poser if you want. The fact of the mater is, dressing differently every day is WHO I AM....and that is what makes me authentic.