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Earl, Roll Out

On a whim, and with love and adventure in our hearts, Ryan and I decided on Wednesday the 13th of January to pack up our lives, and move on to Ottawa, our nations capital. Ryan lived there for before for approximately 9 months, and I visited him twice. We both learned we loved the city, the freedom and the privacy, so when a job opportunity opened up for him this year, we decided to take it before it passed us by.

So we packed up the car, and hit the road on the 17th. With gritted teeth and eyes wide, we drove straight through and hit Ottawa the following night at 6:30pm, just in time to walk into our 'newly renovated' 2 bedroom down town. It turns out that to our land-lord, 'newly-renovated' also included 'rat infested' and 'mold growth' in the description, and he just decided to leave those features out.

Desperate not to sleep in our car which we just spent 18 hours sitting in, we called upon two friends who lived near by in hopes for a place to stay. They were more than willing to offer us a place to stay until we could re-accommodate ourselves. And thank goodness for them, since it took us until the 21st to find our place.

It turns out it was worth the wait and stay, and even the struggle. We both find ourselves to be incredibly happy in our new habitat, with hardwood floors, lots of natural light, and a private pool! The best part is that our adventure is just getting underway. The two of us are excited every day to see what Ottawa will throw at us.

Today was Ryans first day of work, and after 15 applications, I have yet to hear anything. I am anxious, nervous and pacing, hoping that I might get a call for somewhere - anywhere- at any given moment. But its all part of this wild adventure we have put ourselves in!

Au revoir Cape Breton. I miss you, and all of your wonderful people already.