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7 months

 It has now been 7 months since Ryan and I moved out of Cape Breton, and we are definitely experiencing change in our lives. 

I have since had two jobs. One was a term with Shine Music Academy, where i was their graphic designer and promotions coordinator. It was a fantastic job working so closely with bands and music students, as well as counting nights out to see live music as billable hours. I got some excellent work for my portfolio out of this job as well, including a produced music album design, and a bus ad campaign of 10 different designs (and about 300 copies) which ran for 3 months. But alas, this lifestyle had to come come to an end, as my system was wearing out from too many late nights with bands and burning the candle at both ends trying to meet design deadlines. Note to everyone: musicians are not reliable individuals! Too many times I would be waiting until the last half hour of a deadline to receive copy from them which still needed to be proofread! 

After that I started working for a company named Klipfolio, a software development place downtown. They are an excellent place to work, very relaxed with a great team and an open concept office space. Also, their building is only 2 blocks away from me, which i definitely dont complain about! Next week will be my 3-month mark with Klipfolio, meaning my probation time will be completed and I will be able to settle into some serious job security. I`m quite happy and learning lots each day, as they challenge my web coding knowledge and skill base. `They have also allowed me to `train` while on the job, which means i`m becoming a better designer every day. Feels like a dream! 

Unfortunately, i do not get many chances to be creative at this job, so i am filling up my off time with lots of painting and commissioned design work. Recently i was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by a fellow designer from Cape Breton to help him with a logo design. I must be doing something right for an established designer from another province to ask me for help! So, i`m still not `there` yet as a designer, but im doing well. I`ll hopefully be releasing my website within the next few months to show of some of my hard work. 

Ryan and I will be starting Curling in the fall, and thus be settling into a serious routine. I`m not really one for routine, but im sure it will feel good for the two of us. In October we are taking a `vacation` back to Cape Breton for my best friends wedding (which we are both standing in) which we are both very excited, and a little stressed about. Its going to be an expensive trip, so we suspect that we will not be going home for Christmas. It will be out first Christmas alone and away from home, and I`m actually extremely excited! There will be so much less stress, i imagine it will be the way Christmas is supposed to be. I cant wait for Christmas eve where we can both cuddle up by the tree with a blanket and some wine, and just enjoy each others company.

We are also discussing getting a dog this year. Perhaps for christmas, or maybe after. Out list of breeds is getting longer and longer the more we research. Its difficult to decide when we are both dog lovers! But hopefully in 2011, our love nest will grow to 3, and we will officially be our own family. 

</end update> ... lol